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Journey into the city to stock up on Pokemon and grab your starting supplies, there are rumors a shady character waits to give them to you, before challenging the gym leader, Pixen. Hyo City can be considered lonely, alleyways rife with crime. Large and expansive, the urban area can be divided into three main parts: The Docks, The Core, and The Industrial District. Wild Pokemon run amok in all three, often sick, starved, and fearful of Plasma, who conducts regular patrols around the area. If you venture in, remember you can only be in one place at once.
As Hyo's outskirts succumb to the wilderness, you are presented with two options on your journey to the hidden resistance town of Katsu. You can either travel through route 1, the underground cavern a long man-made tunnel or choose to cross the rugged terrain of, route 2, the Fie Forest. While the cavern is much safer than the dangerous wilds, it is said rare pokemon can be found there, if Resistance traps don't kill you first...
Hidden in the in the belly of the Fie Pass, Katsu town is one of the last remaining safe havens from plasma. For years, the small town has rebelled against plasma, frequently migrating throughout the pass to prevent Plasma from finding them. The Fie Pass actually used to double as a mine, it is here you can find the gym leader, Resix.

Because of its place in the pass, pokevice signals are weak to non in Katsu, occasionally you can find a hotspot, Katsuians often use this to deliver propoganda, however.
mountains line the way from Katsu to Ansen Valley and to reach the latter you'll have to navigate your way down. Rock and Flying type Pokemon have made their nests along the cliff's edge, making the place even harder to navigate. They tend to get riled up at the sight of people, so be careful of that. Beware of Team Plasma - they've set up stations along the border.
Ansen Valley is famous for it's technology. Come gambling in a casino, shop in one of the many malls, or even visit the...redder districts in the city of lights. As a result, the city is a rather shady place, and the alleyways are dangerous, filled with roughnecks and hookers. Keep your valuables close by. Alternatively, you could just forego the temptation to gamble and go straight to the gym. The gym leader seems awfully suspicious, though.
The mountains are rugged, but the streets are clear. You could explore the mountains or you could follow the main path, littered with the less savoury elements of Ansen. There's also Anrui's famous... garbage dump, which sure is a tourist attraction.
Kain City was once the capital of Anrui. During the years of Raising Kain, the city was torn to shreds in constant battles between the resistance and Plasma. Today, the once-symbol for wealth and prosperity is one of plasma. The city is ringed with decimation, abandoned and covered with scars from the fighting but in the center is a thriving community, a community of hope and happiness and most importantly, plasma.
Just outside Kain City is the wild and unpredictable Casulari River. The water currents here are strong, and the Pokemon tend to be rather hostile, though there are the select few that have remained gentle, though sparse. The banks are covered with lush greenery. In the distance, you might see a small little island that appears uninhabited...

Team Plasma regularly patrols the area, both by air and on boats. Watch your step.
Eevee Rock by ben
As one approaches the faraway island by water transport, it may seem as though Memento Town is suspended in the water as if by magic.In reality, it's really just a large boat. Queer indeed. Most people even notice this place because of the fifth gym being located on this tiny floating town, a Water-type based gym run by Marco. It is here that you may enjoy a scuba trip, but don't stray too far.
Micah by Nums
After heading away from momento Anrui's lush vegetation turns slowly into arid plains before finally giving away to route six, the large and expansive Izumo Desert.
Kairo town is a sparsely populated ghost town near the Regirock Shrine. The only reason it's even considered a town is because of the gym leader, Sisco. Beyond that, Kairo Town isn't the most friendly place to be sticking around, just shops to do some shopping if need be. Her gym is in an old saloon, reminiscent of the wild west.
Juxta by Nums
It's nothing but flatlands outside of Kairo Town. Sparse for the majority of the route but when you begin to near Eve, grass finally makes it's reappearance, stretching passed your knees and going waist high. Pokemon lurk amidst these tall grasses, and they prove to be good hiding places, needed too, do to the looming Plasma Building outside of Eve.
Eve City is one of the cleanest, purest cities in all of Anrui. The air is sweet and the grass is green. With its skyline forests, the entire city is the epitome of harmony between technology and nature. That was the case until Plasma raided the whole place. The entire city seems to be under a miasma now that they have taken over.
A long stretch of pavement extends all the way to Lesca Island, via bridge. The tunnel surrounding the surface is rounded, with orange lights along the tunnel ceiling being the only way you can see. Team Plasma knows of trainers visiting the last gym leader, and will stop at nothing to crush them. It's the ultimate test of will!
Beautiful Lesca Island, home of the 8th and final gym leader. Unlike the rest, she does not hide from Team Plasma. They know she's here, but have been unable to stop her, or even enter the island on which she resides.


Host to the wicked people who control the region of Anrui. This is your time to shine! Stop them before any more are killed!
If you're a member of Team Plasma, these are the rebels you must defeat.

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